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It’s that time of year again when we decide to make time to clean out our closets. To get rid of all the items we haven’t used in months, just taking up space that can be better used for something new. But when it’s all done what next! Well last time I decided I had enough items that I would just have a garage sale, get rid of some items & make some money for new ones. Well it was not as easy as that. People shopping in Garage Sales really don’t care how much you spent on an item they want it for cheap, so somehow it was not that easy for me to let my items go, I felt more attached to them. I decided to try a consignment shop but “WOW” was I in for a shock when I learned they only pay a couple of bucks for name brand items. After that I was so disappointed my clothes came back home with me & ended up in a box for months. So I started researching, I mean there had to be a better way. So obviously I looked into Ebay I mean if there are so many people on there, someone was bound to be interested in what I was selling. Well the process seems easy enough, I mean $.30 to list an item is nothing especially if you get the amount of money you’re asking for. Well what about when it begins to add up & you realize you haven’t sold anything but now you have to pay Ebay for all the items you listed. Well I have listed on EBay & Poshmark & I have learned there are positives for both & also negatives. So here is what I have learned in a year of selling on both sites.

Ebay Pros & Cons

  1. You can sell Internationally so a better chance your item will sell
  2. You can pretty much sell anything on Ebay
  3. There is a listing fee of $.30 (Waived Sometimes)
  4. The selling fees are 10% plus the fee for Paypal
  5. You have to select your Shipping Services (I had a couple of issues with this, as I did not have a scale to weigh items) I suggest you invest in one
  6. Even if you get an Email saying your Item sold its not final until you actually get paid, if not you will need to file an Unpaid Claim with them, Trust me this is very annoying & it happens way too many times
  7. When you list an item it will be there for as many days as you have chosen then you will need to relist it.
  8. Your funds are available as soon as the Buyer pays for the Item
  9. You need to have a Paypal Account
  10. On Ebay you get charged when the item sells, regardless of whether you where paid or not
  11. If you want any upgrades they will cost you & they quickly add up
  12. Fees are charged Monthly so don’t start spending your money that quickly, cause you will need to pay for the fees


Poshmark Pros & Cons

  1. You can only sell in the US
  2. You can only sell Women’s fashion & accessories
  3. No listing fees
  4. The fees for selling an item are pretty high 20%
  5. You receive a prepaid shipping label with a 2lb limit, all you do is print it
  6. When you receive the Email that you’re item sold that means that they already paid for it
  7. When you list an item it’s there until you decide to Delete it
  8. You have to wait for your funds to be available, the buyer will need to accept the item for funds to be released, so the sooner you ship the item the sooner you’re funds are available
  9. You will need to link your bank account to Buy or Sell
  10. You can sell multiple items at once to the same buyer its called “Bundling” but don’t forget you have a 2 lb limit (extra fee of $1.99 per lb over)
  11. You will need to attend Posh Parties I had no idea what this was, it just means that you can share items that match the party guidelines. For instance if there is a Coach party you can share any Coach items you are selling or if it’s Dresses than any Dress any brand can be shared. There are 3 Posh Parties Daily that only last 2 hours.
  12. On Poshmark you have to be very active, you will need to spend more time here than Ebay, you have to share your items, follow other people so that they can follow you, share their closets so they can share yours
  13. You can only upload 4 photos
  14. Only for Iphones or Android

If you have sold on any of these sites what are your thoughts, Please Share


21 thoughts on “Ebay vs Poshmark

  1. I just want to say I am all new to blogging and site-building and honestly liked your page. Most likely I’m going to bookmark your blog post . You certainly come with very good writings. Thanks a bunch for sharing your website.

  2. I found this blog very helpful. I have been sitting here staring at the computer trying to decide where to list my items. I didn’t know about the 2lb weight limit for poshmark which is particularly helpful since I am trying to sell a heavy jacket. Thanks so much!

  3. The weight limit on Poshmark is no longer 2 lbs. It’s 5 lbs. Now they take out a flat $3 for commission if your sales is $15 or under. Otherwise it is still the same 20%.

  4. Thanks, this was helpful. I have sold on eBay a bunch in the past and am about to start cleaning out the closets in preparation for a move. I was considering trying out Postmark for some of my clothes. I am curious as to whether they make specifications on box sizes as well as weight? I have a lot of handbags to sell… may stick with eBay on those.

      • They can not be flat rate or express mail boxes or enveloped. BUT U CAN GO TO USPS AND ORDER FREE SUPPLIES. JUST MAKE SURE U ONLY GET REG BOXES ONLY SAY PRIORITY MAIL!! They mail them to you FREE!!

  5. i sell on poshmark, and it is so much easier in my opinion. The selling fees on here aren’t really up to date, but any item sold for under $15 costs $2.95 when it sells. And an item sold for $15 or more is 20% fee. After you pass the 100’s mark, it seems rediculous to pay that much in fees. So I’d rather use eBay for that. Plus, the shipping label is free with priority shipping up to 5 pounds instead of two. Posh Mark is a much friendlier community than ebay, and I love that. I’ve been selling for a couple months, and it’s a very fast- paced app, and I love that. You can check out my closet by going to brooklynsstore.com (it’s a domain so you can get to my closet easier). But I love poshmark, and can see myself selling on here for a couple years.

    • Yes I like it more than Ebay I do agree that the 20% fee is a little high. But what I really like is that Poshmark takes care of everything, so when an item is sold it’s because Poshmark has already been paid, whereas Ebay even if someone made a bid on your item it doesn’t guarantee you will get paid.

  6. I sell on both places. I definitely use eBay for high price items but I hate the limits they put on how many items you can sell. If you think about it you have to pay whether you get paid or not. Plus you have to pay eBay and PayPal and deal with shipping on your own. So I enjoy poshmark more. Is a great community. Wish you can sell men and kids items as well.

  7. Hey!

    I recently started using Posh and I’ve had pretty much good experience buying a couple things on there so far. I listed about 10 items in the past couple weeks and I’ve gotten tons of follows and shares but no sales yet.

    I’m wondering if I’m missing something, I am trying parties!

    my poshname is @ashleyboyerrr in case you’re interested 🙂

    Great post

  8. i have been curious about poshmark i may give it a try 20% is a high fee to charge for selling something. I did hear it is much more easy to use then Ebay and more freindly. Poshmark has a better app then Ebay that is for sure and has a nice desktop set up. The only thing i can say for Ebay is it has auctions and only charges 10% when you sell something other then that the site is getting way over complicated. I made my first purchase on poshmark for a limited edition lacoste purse so we will see how it goes.

    Proffesional Ecommerce trader

  9. Meh, the Posh Parties that I would “have to” attend are enough to put me off. I just want to sell some items, not be best buds with everyone else to use the forum-I just don’t have time to keep constantly monitoring my items. Plus, with EBay, I have heard that you don’t get as many people trying to lowball you on your items-once again, I just don’t have time or patience to deal with that nonsense. The price is what it is!
    And when you have to pay whether your item sells or no, it’s because you are paying for being able to use their selling venue-sort of like you pay a membership fee for the “privilege” of having a credit card. I don’t really agree with their stance on this, but that’s what I was told.

  10. Pretty nice blog! I found a site too where you can get free $20 credit! At Thredup! You can snag a brand name item for free! You just need to pay shipping! If you’re cool with it. You can sign up here and your credit will automatically be applied at checkout!! http://www.Thredup.com/r/K7JIWV
    Happy shopping!!!

  11. 🎉So far so good with Poshmark😻 When I list on ebay and poshmark, it helps to keep in mind the motto, “Would you rather have a quick nickel or a slow dime?”

    ✅ Plus, I like knowing someone is excited about some of my old favorite clothes that I find hard to part with for sentimental reasons.💕

    Silly, I know. It’s kind of similar to adopting a rescue puppy or rescue kitty🐾

    Rescue my wardrobe! Not to be confused with a fashion rescue.

    Although I probably could use both 😜

    ebay honest_seller_la
    instagram @funazdailydeals for video measurements

    Come rescue some vintage clothes with a site wide $10 poshmark code: JMCAS so I can spend $10 on my seller fees📬 Who am I kidding? I love to shop on Poshmark, too! Thank you! 💕🌺💃😻🎉

  12. Good blog with a lot of information, but needs clarification. I’ve been selling on eBay for quite awhile and am new to Poshmark. With eBay, I do not pay any listing fees unless selling over 50 items a month. When an item sells you then pay a 10% final value fee, billed monthly. You can setup your preferences such that eBay will automatically send the buyer an invoice as well as a payment reminder, as well as automatically open an “Unpaid item case” on your behalf. If the buyer does not respond or pay for item then your fees are automatically credited back to you and your item gets delisted. In all of the years I’ve sold on eBay and hundreds of items, this has only happened twice and in both instances my delisted item sold for more the second time around! IMHO, the shipping process on eBay is easy and straight forward. I ship exclusively using USPS Priority Mail as the boxes and envelopes are free! Unless absolutely not possible, I ship everything using flat rate envelopes/boxes or the Rrgional A, B, or C boxes. With all of these options, you do not need to measure or weigh (unless your item is heavy and approaching the weight limit for your selected method, which I have NEVER had happen). When your item sells, you click on “Print Shipping Label”, verify the shipping method and details is correct and click print label. It is all pretty straight forward and you get discounted shipping compared to costs at the post office counter. All in all I am very happy with selling on eBay but will most likely use Poshmark some to reach out to those buyers who like buying on Poshmark more than eBay.

    Not sure if this site will post my contact information or not, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I can be reached at gubsteronline@gmail.com. I don’t have an eBay store, but you can search within eBay for “all4shabbychic” as that is my seller name there.

  13. Thanks so much for this post! DF’s comments were super helpful. I’m curious about Posh and will download the app, but I have no interest going to a posh party! That just gives me the creeps. Also I didn’t know people try to low ball you AND there is a listing fee whether you sell or not.

    I too have been really put off with consignment stores as they take a huge cut.

    Ebay is the way to go for me. I use the fixed price option and there is no listing fee, just final value of 10%. Yes mailing it on your own is a pain but once you figure out a system that works for you, its easy. However, I just recently (after being on eBay for over 10 years) realized the fee structure between them and Paypal. Yes, I haven’t been diligent. I had to make an excel sheet to figure out! Ebay will take 10% of final value and shipping, then paypal will take 2.9% +$0.30. That’s about 13% AND you can set your fixed price or have a best offer option (if you feel like haggling a bit). Shipping can really offset your fee if you misfire and undercharge- something i tend to do to pass the savings to my customer. For the community aspect, you can self promote using Auctiva, Insta, Pinterest, whatever you want. Full autonomy!!

  14. I’m fairly new to Poshmark, but so far I prefer Ebay for several reasons:

    Ebay I can list and get on with my life for the next 7 days.
    Posh you have to constantly share, like, follow, and respond to offers that sometimes are lowballing and upsetting.

    Ebay I can post 12 pictures
    Posh I can post 4 pictures

    Ebay won’t post pictures with low resolutions
    Posh wins on this since I don’t have to deal with being denied of posting a pix.

    Ebay and paypal combined have less seller fees
    Posh has an expensive 20% seller fee which makes selling things unreasonable.
    For example: I had a $4 shirt on poshmark, buyer pays $4 plus $5.99 shipping equaling about $10 cost for them. I earn $1. totally not a fair deal. I ended up posting the same shirt on ebay and it sold for $14.50, my earnings were about $10

    I think poshmark is good for used clothing. Ebay is better for collectibles and new items.

    • I agree there are major differences with both but the fees on Poshmark are too high, but shipping with Poshmark is a flat rate of $5.99 for 5lbs so for heavy items its worth it but not for makeup, unless you are buying multiple items from the same person.

  15. One small comment with shipping. Ebay shipping is a bit easier because you can print at the post office or at home. Poshmark you MUST print at home/work which is a pain for me because I ship a lot of items and tend to forget labels here and there in the printer, on the table, etc. I’ve been on Poshmark since 2012 @louloubear89 and have over 200,00 followers. I noticed that if I am active a lot on Poshmark then I sell stuff but if I do not participate, I sell pretty much nothing; as opposed to Ebay, where I feel like I always sell my items quicker and make more of a profit on Ebay. Lastly, there are a lot of people on Poshmark who try to offer super low prices on items. Annoying, and a waste of time. Anyways, hoped that helped a little. Nice blog, thanks for the info!

    • Yes I agree with Poshmark you pretty much have to be active everyday in order to have any sales. Because people tend to ask so many questions, as opposed to Ebay

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