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I joined Poshmark at the end of 2012 because I had too many items I no longer used that where taking up space in my closet. Space that could be used for new items. I was so tired of organizing garage sales to sell my new to barely used items. For anyone who has had a garage sale, you know that people are shopping for a bargain, yet you still want to make a decent amount of money especially if it’s in new or to barely used condition. But if you are a person that enjoys shopping at them, then you want a great bargain. I felt that for me it wasn’t worth it, it took a great amount of time to organize my items and then spend most of the day attending to it. But with all the time you have to dedicate to having a garage sale I decided I would give it a try. But then when I got an offer for $2 for a pair of heels that I had worn once, which I paid $60 for and was selling for $12, I was so offended. I got a couple more lowball offers for my items, which I believed where reasonably priced, based on brand & condition. I decided that I would not sell for so low so I brought most of my stuff back inside. Sale was over


I needed a better way to sell my stuff, somewhere that someone would buy my barely used Jessica Simpson heels for $20 and realize that they are still getting a deal. Ebay was out of the question, tried it but had so many problems with people bidding on your items but never actually paying for them. Then I discovered Poshmark & I had to see what the site was about. A site for women’s clothing, shoes, makeup & accessories, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I joined towards the end of 2012 and here we are now 2016 and what have I learned. Well here we go


At the beginning I loved it, very easy to use, snap some pictures upload 4 photos and a description of the item with the condition and you’re done. Well its not that easy, I’m not a professional photographer so I would get upset because the camera could not capture the true color of the item. I couldn’t understand why, what I was looking at couldn’t translate into the photo. Some advice, natural sunlight is the best. I started going outside and taking photos of many items at a time then at night I would just start listing my items. The other thing is that you have to be very descriptive and detailed. My advice is to actually include measurements because most of the questions you get refer to that, Underarm-to-Underarm, waist, length, and heel height. And also be clear of condition, you don’t know how many times a person will refer to an item as new and when you read the description it stated worn only two times but are like new. No that’s not how it works, once you wore them they are no longer considered new. You wouldn’t buy a pair of new shoes at the store that someone returned after wearing them twice. So be honest


With the time that I have been selling on this site I can now give you some advice that I have learned along the way. Take great pictures in sunlight to get the true color and details of your items. For clothing I try to include a stock photo, I know I know, you’re not supposed to, but if a model is wearing it, than the buyer can get an idea of fit and length. But do not use all stock photos ever I learned the hard way. I used all stock photos and when I sold the item the buyer wanted a refund because the item was not as described. Well what does that mean, not sure? They only have like 3 reasons you can request a return, which are not very specific. Lets just say I couldn’t understand what was wrong the pictures where of the “same” item I was selling, but it was not the “actual” item.


The other thing is that you have to be very active. Share your items to posh parties. They have 3 a day. First one is brands e.g. Jessica Simpson, Coach, Too Faced. Second is a specific item e.g. Jewelry, Dresses, Shoes. Last is a Themed one e.g. Spring Trends, Weekend Wardrobe, Boho Vibes. This is a great way for anyone shopping in any of these parties to view your items. Also share items from other poshers so that they can do the same for you.


This advice is the one, which I believe is a must. If you are new to Poshmark “Do Not Trade” not only is it not allowed but so many people have been scammed on here. And there is nothing that Poshmark can do because there is no purchase on file. So what this means is that someone wants to trade your Michael Kors purse for an item in their closet, so you sent it out and they claim they are sending out whatever item you agreed upon and it never happens, so now you’re out a purse.


The other thing that you have to deal with is those annoying buyers well I guess I shouldn’t call them that since they never actually buy anything. We will call them lookie-looks. What they do is go through your closet ask you a question or two make it seem like they are interested in your item and then they disappear, making you waste your time. This is one of the main reasons why I was planning on closing my Poshmark closet. I was so annoyed with those questions like What’s your lowest price? Good thing they made an offer tab that way you don’t have to discuss pricing on your comments for everyone to see, this is more private, you can accept, decline or counter. The other thing is lowballers know as cheap people who make unreasonable offers that only offend me and in the end they are blocked.


So if you are thinking of selling here, things to remember take great pictures, give detailed descriptions, be honest and be active and if you ask someone a question let them know if whether you are interested or not.

The reasons I like Poshmark is that it’s easy to use. Plus I like the set up, meaning that if there is someone who’s style you just love you can browse their closet and bundle. Meaning you can buy multiple items from 1 persons closet and only pay for shipping once as long as it’s within their limit of 5lbs. You can find great deals and many buyers are willing to work on price.

Just like there are positives here are the negatives. For sellers the fees are pretty high 20% for $15 or more and $2.95 for under $15 plus $5.95 shipping. As a buyer I wouldn’t mind the $5.95 shipping fee if I was buying a pair of boots but for a lipstick it’s just ridiculous. The other negative is the customer service is pretty bad it takes so long to get an issue resolved plus there is no phone # to call so everything is done thru email.

The one thing that seems to get really annoying the more time I spend here is listings that do not follow the guidelines established. This site is not monitored well, many poshers do not stick to what this site was intended for, it has so may kids items, men’s and housewares. Also people are allowed to do brand manipulation meaning they will list an item as Zara or Too Faced when its not that brand just so that they can get more views. Which makes looking for a specific brand so annoying, you can report listings that violate the rules but nothing is ever done as long as they make their 20%. The other thing is that there is too much counterfeit/replica items that I am hesitant to make a purchase without reading descriptions and comments. Another thing is that sellers have 7 days to ship an item before you are able to cancel.


So would I recommend using this site even though many things are annoying Poshmark is always working on making it better So Yes

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